Signature Pedals

Looking for new tones to rattle some windows with? We have the right pedal for you! Check out our signature fuzz pedal "Nessie" that gives you clarity in every note played as well as the depth and sustain you'd expect from a fuzz! We also have a heavy distortion with our "Stool Pigeon". It's a modern take on an old classic. Based off the ProCo Rat distortion pedal we still use the LM-386N technology with extra attention to the filter stages as well as gain stage.

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Have an old pedal or amp laying around? Maybe you still have your first overdrive/distortion pedal the rest of had as a first pedal. The Boss SD-1 and Boss DS-1. Remember being super excited and rushing to get home to hook your new pedal up to your rig? Probably also remember the moment you found out there is so much more out there and the "first love" pedal no longer was giving the desired tone and getting the job done! There still is hope for those old pedals. We take great joy in disassembling gear and "experimenting" with what different tones and effects we can get. We have some of our own mods we do but we don't just want to do the work for you. We want to help you learn how to experiment with the effects yourself. We will be posting videos and step-by-step instructions on how to do so common mods and overall teaching the stages of how the effects works!

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Pedal Modifications

Check out our pedal modifications!

Boss SD-1

Boss DS-1

Boss TR-2

MXR Phase 90

ProCo Rat

and many more.......